Corona Challenge Ableton Live

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWHbQZ0tZTI Corona Challenge: Pick 5 records out the shelf from numbers from a random generator. Make out a track of it and use only stuff from these records. Here‘s my…

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Stay At Home Session 2

Audio recording from “Stay At Home Session” live stream from Monday 23. March 2020 Follow at Spotify & Instagram @MarkFaermont www.markfaermont.com

Mark Faermont Stay Home Session 1

Audio recording from “Stay At Home Session” live stream. Follow at Spotify & Instagram @MarkFaermont www.markfaermont.com

I was invented to the yearly Pre-Christmas apero at 90 Grad Aarau to play a 3 hours House set to get the people in the right mood. This is a…

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https://markfaermont.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/90Grad241219.mp4 24. December 2019 back at 90 Grad Bar Aarau. Getting into the Christmas mood with the annual Christmas apero. Starting from 2 till 5pm.  

Thank you for over 30’000 hits on Youtube for “Hypnotize Me”

Live Recording – over 2 and half hours of classic house music

“Hypnotize Me” in Stores on 10th October 2019

“Feelings” in stores (Link)